Best Body Bootcamp is the Ultimate Fitness and Fat Loss Solution and you'll get your BEST BODY...Guaranteed


You've never done a workout like this before!  Best Body Bootcamp is a dynamic, fun workout program where you are going to be constantly challenged.  You are going to be pushed, you are going to be sore, but you are going to have a blast and we'll never push you too far because we know that safety keeps producing results.  We will motivate you, keep you accountable and get you your BEST BODY.
             But don't take my word for it.  Have a look to the side and you will see some testimonials from a few of our bootcampers and see if they are the kinds of experiences and results you are looking for.


Transform Your Body, Enjoy Life Changing Fitness
And Challenge Yourself in Ways You
Never Thought Possible Each And Every
Workout, All While Having A Blast

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  • Annex
    INDOOR Map
  • Dovercourt House
    805 Dovercourt Rd Toronto
    ON M6H 2X4

  • Beaches
    INDOOR Map
  • Beaches United
    140 Wineva Ave Toronto
    ON M4E 2T4

  • North York
    INDOOR Map
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church
    2737 Bayview Avenue Toronto
    ON M2L 1C5

  • Queen West
    INDOOR Map
  • Slovak Cathedral o/t Nativity of the Mother of God
    257 Shaw St Toronto
    ON M6J 2W7

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